Ogos 04, 2007

Weird View From Above -

Thanks to Google Earth,the discoveries of all this weird places can be seen clearly.
This picture is taken somewhere along Canada. Don't really want to know how the formation really form though.The face there is listening to an ipod.
This guy/gal is some really rich dude because he got a car and a private jet parked outside his/her home

This is similar to the traditional crop circle (watch the film "Signs").
I dont know if crop circle can be classified as traditional

A picture of a herd of an elephant resting while pooping on the great land of Africa.
A picture of Oprah Maze. Surely you can never get out of it.The emotional tension will surely be unbearable
This is the weirdest one.
A red lake.In Iraq.

Blood?Dont know.Maybe the Iraq government start a campaign to throw away all their red wine into the lake.Or is this the place where the Iraq ex-president dump the bodies of enemies.

Or maybe just more US propaganda.

Thanks to PC World for the interesting read.
Download Google Earth here

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gangeticus berkata...

WOW! Good find. Wish I had the car AND the jet!

Cheers bro!