Ogos 10, 2007

Me and Christian Music

I dont know how to say it but two of my favorite bands come from Christian music scene.
Maybe it is because of their gentle melodies or angelic voice or was it their music is actually inspiring compared to listening to the crap that channel 71 Astro are always playing.

Switchfoot is one of those rare band that played all kind of musical style and with each album,they are very tight musically and lyrically (even if the singer wrote about his God,I don't actually get the meaning) so I interpret it myself so usually I am thinking that he is telling something to his girl

Sixpence None The Richer is another Christian band that have that soothing melodies and the best part of all is the angelic voice of Leigh Nash is incomparable to anyone else.Even if she cant hit the high notes that Celine Dion can,her voice will always makes the scenery calms and soothing.

Try to listen to Switchfoot "Awakenings" or "Burn Out Bright" from their last album.For funkier classic tunes try "Innocence Again" or "Might Have Ben Hur" and try to listen to Leigh Nash solo album,Blue on Blue.

Christian Song rocks and I am not even Christian.

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