Julai 02, 2007

Album Review - Ash:Twilight of The Innocents

I am disappointed

Twelve songs,6 great songs.6 crap songs.

It's like they are trying too much to cater to all people.The single is crap.
I am frustrated.Usually Ash album contains only 2 mediocre songs at most.But if having 6 crap songs,this is crap.Mediocre > Crap

Growing old without realizing they also need to grow old mentally and lyrically.

Better comeback needed Tim Wheeler.We need better.The benchmark is still the album you wrote when you are 17 years old.Is it too high to reach now ?

Recommended -
Princess Six
Shattered Glass
Dark and Stormy
End of The World

Rating 5/10

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

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